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Celebrating 31 years of wealth management
 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Financial Planning and Services Designed for You

The retirement light at the end of your career tunnel is closer than you think.

While you’re still working and earning a consistent paycheck, it’s crucial to have a plan that encompasses your vision for retirement.

Our pre-retirement planning process focuses on determining whether the money you’re saving now will sustain your lifestyle once you retire. If not, we may be able to provide an effective plan for making your dreams more of a reality.

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Our Commitments

Service Excellence

Our strong work ethic is exactly why most of our earliest clients have remained with us for the long term.


We tell you the simple, straight and honest truth about your unique financial situation and how we can help.


We seek to educate and empower you with complete confidence in all of the financial decisions we make together.

Michael Hall

I graduated from Superior Senior High School in Superior, Wisconsin. Growing up in the country -- from raising chickens and mink, to bailing hay -- was a great experience. It was certainly nowhere near what kids do for fun these days. The three buildings of concern were a house under 500 square feet, a chicken coop and the outhouse. Two out of the three were always full!

I had no idea what a work permit was, not to mention that my parents had to sign it. Being 15 years old was hard, but those challenges didn’t stand in my way. I watched my mother read every stock page in our newspaper, and it made me inquisitive. I must admit she gave me sound answers to my unending array of questions.

My father and brothers worked on the Great Lakes. In fact, I have one brother that took the Edmund Fitzgerald out of the Twin Ports Harbor. After my father retired, it wasn’t long before tragedy struck and he passed away. More trouble came upon realizing that he had chosen the wrong retirement options, so my mother got nothing from his pension -- just Social Security.

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You’ve worked hard for your money. Now, let us help you make it work hard for you!

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Will I Outlive My Money?

Hall Financial Group, LLC. is an independent firm offering a full spectrum of wealth management services, including financial plan creation, portfolio preparation, capital preservation, ongoing monitoring and retirement plan development.

Our mission is to help you plan, prioritize and reach the unique goals you have for yourself, your family or your business. Guided by the fiduciary standard, we put your priorities and best interests above all else.

Whether you want to pay your child’s college tuition, purchase a retirement home, pursue a new passion project or travel more often to visit your grandchildren, we can help craft a plan that addresses these concerns.

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